preschool dancing 

For those unfamiliar with ‘calisthenics’,

it is a multi-discipline dance sport involving dance, apparatus (clubs and rods), exercises, marching, some ballet, and sometimes singing and acting.

For a greater understanding, check out this post,     -of-calisthenics-for-young-dancers/

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Northern Victoria, Victoria (VIC)

Macedon Ranges Calisthenics College will help you get fit and stay healthy!

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian artistic and competitive sports. 

Students work in teams to perform routines choreographed to music. 

Depending on the age group students learn between 4 to 7 routines incorporating

character/folk dance, modified ballet, free exercise, march, singing and apparatus.


Are you looking for an activity that will provide your child with the opportunity to develop 

self-confidence, team spirit and commitment, all in a healthy and fun environment.    

Why not try Calisthenics


Our classes are held in the Woodend area, except for Seniors, which are held in the Gisborne area

St Ambrose Primary School Hall - 14 / 17Templeton St, Woodend

Woodend Primary School Hall - Cnr Owen & High St, Woodend

New Gisborne Primary School Hall - 239 Station Rd, New Gisborne

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Our Program

Our instructors are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional.